Serafides House by VARDAstudio

Công ty kiến ​​trúc Síp dựa trên VARDAstudio đã thiết kế Serafides nhà.
Hoàn thành năm 2012, nhà này trong Platres, Síp, kết hợp một ngoại thất đá truyền thống với nội thất hiện đại mở.

Serafides House by VARDAstudio:
“The house is located on a very steep hill in an ethnical village of Cyprus. The facades and the roof of this house comprise one entity. The ‘skin’ , the wrapping of the building, consisting of Iroko wood cladding, is open in strategic places in order to let the environment in – “window to nature”.
Maximizing this effect and functional arrangement the entry of the house is placed from the top of the hill. The exterior looks rather solid and enclosed using very traditional materials and details: local stone, wood, shutters. Though the main interior is in a vertical axis the void creates continuous emotional experience through the entire house bringing the light to all floors.”

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