Ngôi nhà đẹp The Sunshine Beach House

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Sunshine Beach House là một nhà riêng sang trọng nằm ở Bãi biển Sunshine, Queensland, Úc.
Nó được hoàn thành vào năm 2012 bởi kiến trúc sư Wilson.

The Sunshine Beach House by Wilson Architects:
“The Sunshine Beach House, which was previously known as the Prell House was designed by renowned architect Gabriel Poole in 1997. The design reflected an abstraction of Mediterranean and Mexican influences to present a series of living and sleeping spaces around a central courtyard on a steeply sloping site. The careful arrangement of the spaces protected from the prevailing sea breezes, opened up to the Northern aspect while maintaining privacy.
In many ways the house is an idiosyncratic design and the new owners sought changes that would enable more living space and all weather connections between the sleeping quarters, without sacrificing the unique character of the place.
The key to the design remains the central Outdoor Room, now roofed with a translucent battened roof, linking the living spaces during all but the most inclement weather. The timber seating, landscaping and green wall maintain the outdoor feel and the space is softened by soft furnishings and cushions.
The kitchen and dining space have been extended to open up to expansive ocean views with the capacity to filter harsh light and strong breezes that come with an Eastern aspect. A subtle lowering of the balcony keeps the balustrade below the view line of seated diners.
Upstairs a new corridor connects the house with the backyard and draws breezes through the outdoor room. A new main bedroom takes advantage of an expanded ocean view with an arrangement of frameless glass windows and retractable louvres that enable the conditions to be moderated.”
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