Những lệnh mới được sử dụng trong Autocad 2016

Những lệnh mới được sử dụng trong Autocad 2016

Kiến trúc 360 xin được giới thiệu đến các bạn một số lệnh mới được cập nhật trong phiên bản này. Dưới đây là bảng tên lệnh mới (New Commands), Mô tả lệnh (Description) được mình copy từ Autodesk.com. Nếu không rành tiếng anh thì bạn có thể dùng Google translate hoặc cũng có thể thao tác với từng lệnh có trong bảng bên dưới để cùng khám phá.

New commands Description AutoCAD AutoCAD LT
CLOSEALLOTHER Closes all other open drawings, except the current active drawing. X X
CMATTACHCOORDINATIONMODELATTACH Inserts references to coordination models such as NWD and NWC Navisworks files.Chèn các mô hình NWD và NWC Navisworks vào bản vẽ X
DIGITALSIGN Provides a separate command to add a digital signature to a drawing. Removes the Digital Signature tab from the SECURITYOPTIONS command. X X
GOTOSTART Switches from the current active drawing to the Start tab. X X
PCEXTRACTCENTERLINE Draws a centerline for a cylindrical segment of a point cloud. X
PCEXTRACTCORNER Marks the point of the intersection between three detected planes in a point cloud. X
PCEXTRACTEDGE Infers the edge between two planes and draws a line to mark the edge. X
PCEXTRACTSECTION Generates 2D geometry from a point cloud that contains section objects. X
POINTCLOUDCROPSTATE Controls saving, restoring, and deleting point cloud crop states. X
RENDERENVIRONMENTCLOSE Closes the Render Environment & Exposure palette. X
RENDEREXPOSURECLOSE Closes the Render Environment & Exposure palette. X
RENDERWINDOW Displays the Render window. Replaces the RENDERWIN command. X
RENDERWINDOWCLOSE Closes the Render window. X
SCRIPTCALL Executes a sequence of commands the same as the SCRIPT command, with the additional capability of also executing nested scripts. X X
SECTIONSPINNERS Sets the default increment value for the Section Offset and Slice Thickness controls in the Section Plane Contextual Ribbon tab. X
SYSVARMONITOR Displays the System Variable Monitor dialog box. X X
New system variables Description AutoCAD AutoCAD LT
CMFADECOLOR Controls the amount of black blended on all attached coordination models. X
CMFADEOPACITY Controls the amount of dimming through transparency for all attached coordination models. X
DIMLAYER Specifies a default layer for new dimensions. X X
DIMPICKBOX Sets the object selection target height, in pixels within the DIM command. X X
DIMTXTRULER Controls the display of ruler when editing a dimension text. X X
EXPVALUE Specifies the exposure value to apply during rendering. X
EXPWHITEBALANCE Specifies the Kelvin color temperature (white balance) value to apply during rendering. X
GALLERYVIEW Controls the type of preview in the ribbon drop-down galleries. X X
IBLENVIRONMENT Enables image-based lighting and specifies the current image map. X
LEGACYCODESEARCH Controls whether searching for executable files includes the current and drawing folders. X
LINEFADING Controls whether line displays are faded when hardware acceleration is on and you have exceeded the line density limits. X X
LINEFADINGLEVEL When hardware acceleration is on, controls the intensity of the line fading effect. X X
POINTCLOUD2DVSDISPLAY Turns off or on the bounding box and text message when viewing a point cloud in the 2D Wireframe visual style. X
POINTCLOUDEDGEDISPLAY Specifies the type of edge preview displayed in a point cloud. X
RENDERENVSTATE Indicates whether the Render Environment & Exposure palette is open or closed. X
RENDERLEVEL Specifies the number of iterations, or levels, the render engine performs to create the rendered image. X
RENDERLIGHTCALC Controls the rendering accuracy of lights and materials. X
RENDERTARGET Controls the duration to use for rendering. X
RENDERTIME Specifies the number of minutes that the render engine uses to iteratively refine a rendered image. X
REVCLOUDCREATEMODE Specifies the default input for creating revision clouds. X X
REVCLOUDGRIPS Controls the number of grips displayed on a revision cloud. X X
SECTIONOFFSETINC Sets the default increment value for the section object slice thickness control. X
SECTIONTHICKNESSINC Sets the default increment value for section object offset control. X
SELECTIONEFFECTCOLOR Sets the color of the glowing highlighting effect on object selection. X X
STARTINFOLDER Stores the drive and folder path from where the product was started. X X
SYSMON Specifies whether changes to system variables values are monitored. X X
WORKINGFOLDER Stores the drive and folder path of the operating system’s working folder or current directory for the process, which can be of interest to developers. X X
XREFOVERRIDE Controls the display of object properties on referenced layers.
Nguồn: Autodesk.com

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