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Biệt thự sang trọng Carriage House thiết kế Butler Armsden

Nằm ở Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California, Carriage House là một nhà riêng được thiết kế bởi kiến trúc sư Butler Armsden. Nhà là chiều cao của sự sang trọng, với một chương trình cảnh quan hoàn hảo và nội thất delightfully tươi sáng.

The Carriage House by Butler Armsden Architects:
“An Italianate Victorian dating back to 1870 graces one of the largest city lots in Pacific Heights.
After a family purchased the property they set out to renovate the 1920s carriage house in the rear of the property that sat dilapidated from years of neglect. Butler Armsden undertook a complete overhaul of the interiors, gutting the space completely and creating a sleek yet comfortable modern retreat, while making much needed improvements to the historic exterior. It was repurposed as an extension of the family’s living room with a Bulthaup kitchen, integrated audio-visual system, pool table as well as an office/library and guest suite for visiting friends and family.

In addition to fitting out the carriage house Butler Armsden also embarked to make the mature garden more welcoming and useful to the family. A gracious deck and staircase befitting of the historic nature of the house was built off of the main drawing room providing a much need link between house and garden. Rows of trees and strategic planting separate the parking area from the garden, which also serves as a sport court. Subtle score lines in the concrete and blue stone patterns define a basketball “key”, while also blending in with the overall diagonal concrete score pattern. An outdoor shower and hot tub complete the concept of garden oasis within the busy city.”

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