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M House thiết kế Juan Pablo Merino

M House nằm ở Algarrobo, Valparaíso khu vực, Chile và được thiết kế bởi Juan Pablo Merino.
Nó bao gồm một diện tích 7265 mét vuông, và nó được hoàn thành vào năm 2013.

M House by Juan Pablo Merino:
“The house is located 80 meters (263 feet) from the beach at ground level, facing north west, set in a family resort considered the yachting capital of Chile.
The need for this house originated with the arrival of children, looking for a place to share with family and enjoy the peace that the proximity to the sea give.
The spaces have been developed to enhance the view and along with the efficient use of land permit a harmoniously emplace.
Designed as a family activity center, the house incorporates in one place the kitchen with the living room, creating a homey atmosphere that is complemented by the warmth of the fireplace and ocean views.
From inside the living is drawn a large wall of railroad ties to be incorporated with the deck, embracing and protecting the pool, marking the access to the house by a ramp with large walls creating a tunnel before accessing it.
The house is conceived as a volume, built entirely by metal, covered with vertical wood, color white lead, seeking to keep the warmth and simplicity of these noble materials, without losing the comfort of the place.
The windows of the bathrooms and hallways have wooden and shaded keeping the privacy allowing a bright space throughout the year, along with skylights connecting the second floor bedrooms each other.”

First Level

Second Level








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