House R&L thiết kế CKX architecten

House R&L by CKX architecten:
“This house is located in a new district at the edge of the city of Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. Designed for a young family with three small children and a special interest in modern Dutch architecture and the need for a small office.
The residence and the office part share the same entrance but differ in floor level.
Underneath the office area there is a souterrain with room for the guests.
The overall shape and layout of the building was driven by exterior factors: Strict regulations from city council ranging from distances to borders, access and total amount of construction area and volume and a love for modern architecture resulted in this play with white carved out cubic volumes.
Interiors are spacious and lively, with natural light enhancing its contemporary home design. Large glass facades let the garden enter the house and make it part of the living area.
Even the bathroom is only separated from the trees in front of the house by two glass facades and a void. Of course there is the possibility to close the glass façade of the bathroom for privacy reasons. But it is possible to be bathing while feeling amidst the trees.”


First Level

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