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Farmhouse by Studio Farris

Trang trại là một dự án cải tạo đã biến một căn nhà và chuồng thế kỷ 18 thành một nhà hiện đại nằm ở Lennik, Bỉ. Nó được thực hiện bởi Studio Farris Antwerp dựa trên vào năm 2013.

Farmhouse by Studio Farris:
“Studio Farris architects was commissioned to convert both house and stables of an 18th century farm located in Lennik, a small town in an agricultural area close to Brussels, into a single family house.
The family’s wish was to get as much natural light as possible to enter the house while maintaining its authentic charm.
Giuseppe Farris opted for a box-in-box system to avoid any chemical reactions with sulfates in the ground and walls of the original farm. this system also takes care of the energy-efficiency of the house.
To provide each room with the necessary amount of natural light, a concept that is often seen in old farms around the area was applied: windows and doors are bricked up and cut out in a pragmatic way, making the façade a whimsical patchwork of old and new scars.
Typological fragments are reinterpreted throughout the house. The fireplace, which is a 6 meter (20 foot) high, suspended steel construction, is the heart of the house.
The front garden was designed to connect the farmhouse and its outbuildings.
The backyard is a patchwork of pragmatic shapes in typological materials that enhance the experience of the surroundings. “

Site Plan

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