Bondi House thiết kế Fearns Studio

Bondi đặt tại Sydney, Úc, được thiết kế bởi Fearns Studio.
Nhà là cởi mở và rõ ràng, với rất nhiều ánh sáng tự nhiên vào thông qua nhiều nguồn khác nhau.

Bondi House by Fearns Studio:
“An inner city heritage terrace alteration, the Bondi house was conceived as a first floor timber tube above a ground level brick box behind the retained portion of the house.
Skylight penetrations bring light into the centre of the plan, help define spaces within it and protect the privacy of neighbouring dwellings from upper level rooms while large glazed doors open new ground level interiors to unobtrusive garden courtyards.
Deep door reveals in the kitchen and living areas frame smaller spaces within the open plan with light and rhythm. The doors themselves emphasise this further by sliding completely clear of their openings.
Warmth is given to the white plaster walls and ceilings and to concrete flooring with oak cabinetry, windows, doors, and with blackbutt flooring through the remainder of the house.”

First Level
Second Level

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